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Are you a professional tattoo artist? What if you were to compete for a trophy awarding not just one of your tattoos but all your work? This is the concept of the Chaudesaigues Award. Our team tells you how to take part...

Two requirements to take part in the Chaudesaigues Award

To take part in the Chaudesaigues Award, there are just two conditions:

  • The first: you must tattoo at the next Cantal Ink or Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival, an event where the next Chaudesaigues Award winner will be announced.
  • The second: you must not have already won the Chaudesaigues Award

How to tattoo at the next Cantal Ink?

Would you like to take part as a tattoo artist in the Chaudes-Aigues International Tattoo Festival held every year on the first weekend of July in Cantal? You just need to apply via one of the methods we’ve provided for you:

We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Hurry up: the stands are going fast!

I’m tattooing at the next Cantal Ink: what do I need to do to take part in the next Chaudesaigues Award?

Have you confirmed your ticket for the next Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival? That’s all you need to do! Being a tattoo artist at Cantal Ink automatically enters you into the Chaudesaigues Award: from then on, the public votes a few weeks before the event. Good luck!

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