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    jury chaudesaigues award PEDRO ALVAREZ Pedro Alvarez was born in Mexico City in 1971 He made his first tattoo at the age of 12 on the same year in which he was tattooed for the first time, a time when tattooing was considered illegal in Mexico and police stopped people on the streets simply because of wearing visible tattoos or piercings.... Read more

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  • Bob Tyrrell

    jury chaudesaigues award Bob Tyrrell I started tattooing in 1997 at the age of 34 and it completely changed my life.I specialize in black and gray...mostly portraits, photo realism, and custom horror imagery.... Read more

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  • Victor Portugal

    jury chaudesaigues award Victor Portugal Mostly tattooing dark staff biomech with surrealist accents but I'm also interested in different styles. I work a lot at the tattoo conventions around the world. I was born in Uruguay, I was living in Spain for several years and recently I moved to Poland (Krakow).... Read more

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  • Jérôme Godard

    jury chaudesaigues award Jérôme Godard Whatever the medium where the picture is. Picture is the center of any aesthetic feeling, personally speaking. Static or in movement, by photos or videos what counts it is the trace. This pictures some put it down on paper or slip it under the skin.... Read more

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  • Frenchie Nilsen – Tattoo

    jury chaudesaigues award Frenchie Nilsen – Tattoo Frenchie is the editor in chief of the famous and respected magazine Tattoo. The publisher Paisano has been very savvy in contributing to creating hypes on certain artists, specific events while generously contributing to the evolution of the art and of its mainstreaming.... Read more

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