Frenchie Nilsen – Tattoo

It is with great gratitude and respect that I am proud to announce that Frenchie Nilsen will be an honorary member of the Chaudesaigues Award.


Frenchie is the editor in chief of the famous and respected magazine Tattoo. The publisher Paisano has been very savvy in contributing to creating hypes on certain artists, specific events while generously contributing to the evolution of the art and of its mainstreaming.


During the 1980s, Tattoo was the only trade magazine sold in French bookstores and newsstands. In the past, I have been fortunate enough to be published by this great publishing house with all the positive ripple effects that it entails. Over the years, they have been an invaluable help to my career.

It is 25 years later, but Frenchie still lends us her support and that of her magazine for the creation of the Chaudesaigues Award. Life and relationships are shaped by the passing of time, by living the blessings and surviving the hardships. So, thank you Frenchie for your support in this adventure.

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